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Coniferous Contemplations – May 2016

Hello western Coneheads and welcome to the latest edition of my coniferous musings. We’ve got an action-packed next six few weeks coming up and I’d like to emphasize a few of the highlights . . .

Regional Elections

507c476363065.preview-620It’s time for this mission-critical exercise in confirming our local leadership. I’ve decided to continue my role as your Western Regional President and since last month’s nominations didn’t result in anyone challenging me, I’m asking for your confirmation to allow me to continue working for you.

A bit of a shake-up has occurred in the position of Regional Vice-President/2nd National Director. Real-world commitments (work) have resulted in our incumbent, Anton Klemens, unable to continue in his role within the Association. We wish Anton the best and realize that he’s still a young man and an avid conifer enthusiast. With that, I fully expect him to re-assume a position of leadership at some point in the future.

Fortunately, our Web Editor, Communications Manager and overall enabler of excellence, Sara Malone has offered to step up and serve the one-year term which will allow the positions of regional president and vice president to be offset as is mandated by the bylaws. Please welcome Sara to her new leadership role with a confirming vote.

To cast your vote, all that’s necessary is to send a email to with the a simple one-line message, “I approve the ballot as presented.” If you prefer to mail you vote. Download the ballot at the link, complete it and mail it to: Charles Cudney, PO Box 5631, Lacey, WA 98516. Please respond no later than May 20th, 2016

Download Ballot Here


May 21st. Urban Conifer Tour. Three great gardens; food, drink and camaraderie; and absolutely free of cost. Who could ask for more? At the end of the event, we will conduct our periodic regional meeting. Among the many topics of discussion will be election results, and preparing our message that I will present at the National Board of Directors’ meeting in Ohio next month. Please consider attending this awesome event and important meeting, especially if you have an interest in the vitality of our organization.

May 21st. Northern Colorado Conifer Rendezvous. Momentum is steadily growing in Colorado. This “road-trip” type event will take us into the high country to see native conifers growing in nature.

June 11th. Seattle Conifer Day. Another great free event and an opportunity to start learning the art of aesthetic pruning.

June 23rd – 25th. ACS National Meeting, Newark Ohio. Just a reminder, if you’re interested in attending, early bird registration ends on May 23rd. The energy of a National Meeting is remarkable and if you’ve never attended one, you’re missing out on an amazing networking opportunity, not to mention the coolest plant auctions anywhere.

A view of Dan and Jeane Everts' garden, a new stop during September's regional conference.
A view of Dan Everts’ garden, a new stop during September’s regional conference.

Photo by David Olszyk


Finally, we’re working hard to prepare for our regional meeting coming up in Seattle this September. We’ve added another private garden to the mix! More details coming with the next news posting. Take care and keep collecting those conifers!

David Olszyk

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