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Guided Walk at Western Hills Garden

Western Hills Garden - Occidental, CA

Cupressus m. ‘Coneybearii Aurea’ with Erythrina in front


Stew Winchester and I will be leading a walk through the legendary Western Hills Garden in Occidental on June 17 at 10:30 am. Stew is a professor of horticulture and a tree expert, and the title of our walk is ‘Look up: a journey under Western Hills’ unique and beautiful trees’. The walk will open your eyes to the beauty and habitat that trees create. If it’s a hot day, all the better, as we will enjoy nature’s canopy and air-conditioning. Western Hills has some rare and magnificent conifers and some cultivars that have achieved significant size. You’ll also see the magnificent Eucalyptus (yes, there are good Eucalyptus!), Erythrina (coral tree), the legendary Zelkova and many more. Owners Chris and Tim Syzbalski will be on hand and to make it even better, plants are for sale!

If you’ve never been to Western Hills you’re overdue, and if you’ve been in past and have worried about how the Garden is fared, now is your chance to come see and be enchanted all over again.

There are fun places for lunch in Occidental and absolutely delicious food at Willow Wood in Graton if you are willing to drive a few more minutes.

Please email Sara to confirm you attendance so that we can be prepared for you. (Not necessary but appreciated.)

Hope to see you there!

Note: free to Western Hills members. Otherwise, $10/person to Western Hills.


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